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How AWeber Uses AMP for Email

Thanks for joining us! Here you'll find all of the resources mentioned during our presentation, as well as the slides. If you have any questions, feel free to email us your questions.


Dave Stys

AWeber Technical Product Manger


Jeni McGuigan

AWeber Email Designer



Splat Fest

Splat Fest had an awesome lineup of speakers regarding all things email. Be sure to checkout all the sessions!

Topics Covered

We're covering a lot during this whirlwind presentation. As a reminder, here's what we're covering today.
AMP for Email Intro
We’ll introduce AMP for Email and why it’s gaining traction
How AWeber utilizes AMP for email
How we included AMP for email into our FWD:Thinking newsletter and email builder to make it easy for small business owners to access and design beautiful, interactive emails that drive engagement
AMP Strategic Plan
Understanding of how AMP for Email can be part of a strategic email marketing plan
AMP for Email Examples
Plus, see a ton of awesome AMP for Email demonstrations, and learn how you can get started with AMP for Email.

Get the code

The best way to learn about email design and development is to mess around with code, see what works, what doesn't, and test things out. Embrace constant learning and don't worry too much when things break. We can fix them later.

Follow the link below to access the CodePen repository for this workshop. You can also copy the code into the AMP Playground directly. 

Additional Resources

Take a look at all the awesome offers at AWeber. We have a ton of helpful getting started articles, podcast, and more!

Again, thanks for joining our session! If you have any questions, reach out to us via email and we'd love to help.

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